How to Assemble A Box Spring?

When moving into a new apartment or house, what would be the most frustrating thing for you? One of the most frustrating things must be trying to get those awkward pieces of furniture up to stairs. Furnitures like box springs, they are bulky and inflexible. Unfoldable box springs are very difficult to get them around some corners. Cheertran box springs are made of metal and can be easily folded in half or disassembled, which is much easier to move around. [...]

Where to buy a box spring and a bed frame

When coming to the question “Where to buy a box spring and a bed frame”, we would really like to recommend you cheertran Metal bed frame,  A china Metal bed frame supplier. Why we recommend you a box spring and a bed frame? The bed might not be the best highlight of your bedroom. However, your bed is the most essential part in your room and in your life that you are going to spend 33% of your life on it. The Cheertran [...]

How to Choose the Right Bed Frame?

How to Choose the Right Bed Frame? Among those different options out there, how do you know which frame is right for you? How to Choose the Right Bed Frame Size? If you already have a mattress or a headboard, then you must know what size of the bed frame you need. But if don’t have a mattress or headboard, there are some things you might need to consider. First, consider the size of the room since the bed is typically the largest [...]

How to buy metal bed frames online?

Buy metal bed frames online tips Pay attention to the Brand before buying metal bed frames The folding bed brand has ten top rankings. These are selected from the current high sales and ranked well. When choosing a metal bed , you can choose according to the brand, so choose The purchased folding bed is more secure. See sales quantity of the Steel bed frames Generally speaking, the sales volume is high after most people have passed the inspection and certification. At least many [...]

Why Do You Need A Box Spring?

What is a box spring? Have you ever wondered, “what does a box spring do and is it necessary?” Find out below. Why Do You Need A Box Spring? What is a box spring? “Boxspring” is an interesting name. It is a supportive square that lifts up your mattress, while most don’t use springs. Now, most foundations used for supporting mattresses are just sturdy, inflexible boxes. These foundations can be made of wood or metal.                 [...]