FAQs for Buy Bed frame and box spring

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Following are the FAQs for Buy Bed frame and box spring

Q: What’s the weight capacity of the bed frames and box springs?

A: The capacity of our products can be 2000-3000 pounds.

Q: Can the bed be used without feet?

A: The box spring can be put directly on the floor then use it with a mattress on it.

Q: Does it squeak?

A: No, all of our products are noise free. Providing sleepers with quiet sleeps.

Q: How does this compare to a wood box spring/ bed frame?

A: The wood ones squeak badly after a period of use. Metal box spring/ bed frame are very sturdy and quiet. It can be folded and moved easily to get out the door or down stairs.

Q: Can the box spring be used with wood frame bed?

A: Yes, the box spring can be placed on the wood frame bed and give a flat support to the mattress.

Q: Does the box spring/ bed frame make any noise while sleeping and turning?

A: No, not at all. Cheertran box springs and bed frames are sturdy, solid, all metal, and with no squeak.

Q: If put a memory foam mattress on the box spring will it dig into the foam over time?

A: No. The fabric cover helps support the memory foam mattress between the steel slats on the box spring.

Q: What are the dimensions of the queen size when it is folded?

A: When folded the Queen size is 23 by 44 by 9 inches, which is much easier to get up the stairs.

Q: Can the king sized box spring be split?

A: Yes. It is two full size large and can be split to two parts. The two parts come together in a box, making them easier to combine to a king size. It’s a metal frame that folds & unfolds.

Q: What is the material?

A: The box spring is manufactured with stainless steel, strong enough to hold a very heavy person.

Q: Does this folding box spring fold up for storage?

A: Yes, the box spring can be easily folded in half and be taken anywhere.

Q: What is the warranty on this product?

A: 3-5 year warranty.

Q: Can a headboard be attached?

A: Headboards can be attached to bed frames but not box springs.

Q: What is the lead time to manufacture qty 1*40HQ?

A: The lead time would be about 40 days to finish one 40HQ quantity.

Q: Is the box spring or bed frame difficult to take apart again when moving?

A: It’s just as easy to disassemble as to assemble, but need to be mindful of the smaller parts and organize them separately when moving it.