Do You Have The Right Bed Foundation?

Do You Have The Right Bed Foundation?

If you are in the market to change up your bed, you would probably like to change your bed support too. Your sleep foundation can make a huge difference in the performance of your mattress (and your quality of sleep), so make sure you’ve got one that will keep your mattress from sagging, shifting, or squeaking.

Box Spring which is also known as a most common type of foundation. It raise the height of the bed and absorb shock. Usually, it’s recommended to replace your box spring at the same time as your mattress, since the support can deteriorate over time.

Box spring will typically sit on top of a bed frame. There are different kinds of bed frames, and having one that’s sturdy and in good repair is important. A good bed frame can last a lifetime, though, so you might not need to get a new one unless it’s damaged or you want a different size, feet, or other feature.

Platform bed, a type of bedding support that eliminates the need for a box spring. They can be either a free standing platform, or part of a headboard/ footboard/  rail system. The support could be solid, slats, mesh, or other material. Because there’s no box spring, using this will make your bed sit lower, and remove some of the support under your mattress. Unless the platform bed is damaged, you don’t  need to replace it as often because they don’t have the same break-down as the springs in a box spring.

Cheertran box spring and platform bed are mainly made of strong metal material, which can offer the best support to your mattress and keep your bed from making noise and squeakiing.