How to Assemble A Box Spring?

When moving into a new apartment or house, what would be the most frustrating thing for you? One of the most frustrating things must be trying to get those awkward pieces of furniture up to stairs. Furnitures like box springs, they are bulky and inflexible. Unfoldable box springs are very difficult to get them around some corners.

Cheertran box springs are made of metal and can be easily folded in half or disassembled, which is much easier to move around. When all the parts come to your new bedroom, you can rebuild the box spring in a short time. Let’s see how everything works:

How to Assemble assemble a box spring?

Here are what you’ll need before assembling the box spring:

After you get all the pieces ready, we can start to assemble the box spring. Following are the steps:

STEP 1: Take out and put parts A, B C on the floor;

How to Assemble assemble a box spring

STEP 2: Connect and lock up two A parts with part B, the slats;


STEP 3:  Insert two C parts to the middle from the top, tighten the screws aside;

STEP 4: Put on the fabric cover.


Once you are done with the assembly, you can put the box spring on bed frame or place the box spring directly on the floor then put your mattress on it. When you are trying to move the box spring again, please fold it in half. The foldable design makes it very easy and convenient to move. Enjoy your bed!

how to diss assemble a box spring?

Just reversing all the steps mentioned above!