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Specification of the Metal Box Spring With Simple Assembly

1. Easy and quick assembly within 10 mins.
2. Heavy duty steel excellently support your box spring and headboard.
3. Noise free design creates you a healthy and comfortable rest and sleep.
4. All the parts can be packed into a small package, convenient for carrying and transporting.
5. This item must be used with a box spring and a mattress.


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New聽easy assembly metal box spring聽design

Looking at聽the easy assembly metal box spring on the market, all of them are connected by screws, and the installation is too cumbersome. In order to solve this problem, cheertran Metal bed frame聽to launch a new structure of the metal bed frame, to install a bed only聽10 minutes, convenient and quick.

One of the reasons why聽Cheertran聽bed frame is more popular is that the longer the product is, the stronger it is. Why is it like this? Because when a person sleeps in bed, the bed will become tighter and tighter, so the bed will become stronger and stronger. 10 years of warranty, even furniture to make customers more assured.

metal box spring with Easy assembly

Contact Cheertran to buy easy assembly metal box spring

Cheertran metal box spring聽manufacturers, 10 years of production and sales experience. A good product of word of mouth, as a designated supplier of the world’s top 500 enterprises,聽Cheertran聽is deeply trusted by the users. The quality is not ambiguous, the quotation is reasonable.

Please聽contact us聽or send your inquiry to聽justine@cheertran.com

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Twin/ Twin XL/ Full/ Queen/ King


Black or customized colors.


8.8kg – 13.4kg

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