Why Do You Need A Box Spring?

What is a box spring? Have you ever wondered, “what does a box spring do and is it necessary?” Find out below.

Why Do You Need A Box Spring?

What is a box spring?

Boxspring” is an interesting name. It is a supportive square that lifts up your mattress, while most don’t use springs. Now, most foundations used for supporting mattresses are just sturdy, inflexible boxes. These foundations can be made of wood or metal.

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What does a box spring do?

Box springs were first created to help absorb shock for thinner mattresses and improve ventilation for sleepers. When your mattress is laying on the ground, there is nothing to help it absorb shock. If you decide to jump on it or if you are a sleeper that tosses and turns, without utilizing a box spring, your mattress is going to succumb to repeated use over time much faster than it would with a box spring.

Boxsprings are usually used with mattresses. Some are used in conjunction with a bed frame to elevate your mattress and provide storage underneath the bed. Having a high bed helps to prevent small pets from jumping up as well as preventing small insects from making their way up your bed and into the covers with you.

What is a box spring

Types of box springs

There are two types of box springs: standard and low-profile. Because mattresses are thicker than they used to be, many mattress manufacturers now produce low-profile box springs. Though low-profile springs provide the same amount of support as standard box springs, they’re not as thick.