What is a Foundation (Box Spring)?

What is a Foundation? A foundation or box spring is a bed base that gives support to a mattress. Usually the foundation has the same size as the mattres so that the mattress can perfectly sit on it and provide best support to human body. The foundation ensures that the mattress itself is properly supported to maintain a long comfort life. Another founction of the box spring is to raise the height of a mattress to make it easier to get in and out of bed. Foundations can also absorb shock and reduce wear. Box springs are typically put on top of a wooden or metal bed frame. It is also common for many sleepers to use mattress together with foundations without a bed frame.

Box Spring vs Foundation

 What is a Box spring

1.A box spring usually creates support for the mattress, reducing saggy sections and lumps throughout the material.

2.Box springs absorb shock from rapid or abnormal movement.

3.Box spring increases height of your mattress.

What is a Foundation

1.A foundation is a kind of solid construction for even support.

2.Foundations also have the function to absorb shock from rapid movement.

3.A foundation usually fits with a wide range of mattress, extending the options when purchasing a new mattress.

Box Spring