When to Replace A Box Spring?

When to Replace A Box Spring? A comfortable mattress and its support system matter a lot for a good night’s sleep to you. When you start tossing, turning and struggling to find a comfortable position, it may be time to replace your old box spring with a new one.

What’s the purpose of a box spring?

A box spring provides a stable foundation for your mattress. It plays a very important role as a platform to support your mattress and help distribute weight evenly. Using a box spring, to some extent, can effectively prevent your mattress from sagging in different areas, turning it into an uneven, lumpy mess. Additionally, box springs also add height, which is easier to get in and out of your bed.

Is a box spring necessary?

A good support system is necessary for your mattress, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a box spring. It can also be a platform bed with slats or a solid plank in place of a box spring.

Some sleepers prefer their beds that are lower to the ground, then a platform bed would be a good option to support the mattress without using a box spring.



How can you know you may need a new box spring?

There will be some signs of the box spring’s condition:

  • Squeaking, which can indicate loose or weak joints
  • Broken slats
  • Bent or broken steel grid
  • Sagging or bowing

Using a box spring that’s in good shape may not only help you sleep comfortably but also keep your mattress from breaking down prematurely. A quick visual inspection usually gives you enough clues to decide if it’s time to swap out your old bed foundation for a new model.