Where to buy a box spring and a bed frame

When coming to the question “Where to buy a box spring and a bed frame”, we would really like to recommend you cheertran Metal bed frame,  A china Metal bed frame supplier.

Why we recommend you a box spring and a bed frame?

The bed might not be the best highlight of your bedroom. However, your bed is the most essential part in your room and in your life that you are going to spend 33% of your life on it. The Cheertran Square Box Spring and Platform Bed Frame will be the top pick when you are considering to change your bed or buy a new bed.

What your bedroom would be without a cozy bed?

What your life would be without comfortable sleeps? Certianly, a mattress matters a lot for your comfort, but a strong foundation or a bed frame is necessary to give support to your mattress and well protect your mattress from sagging. Mattresses need support to stay firm and stable, and just like humans, mattress, no matter what their make or model, need space to breathe.

Many people will think that it’s a simple thing to buy a bed frame or box spring, just match the mattress size, but which option suits you well is rarely considered. So we compiled some points to help purcasers know better about our products.

box spring and a bed frame

The advantages of buying a box spring and a bed frame from Cheertran.

1.Cheertran has sufficient stocks of various metal steel platform bed frames and box springs in different sizes.

2.All Cheertran bed frames and box springs are made of thickened stainless steel with stoving varnish. Very sturdy and quiet to use.

3.Cheertran products are foldable and adjustable for space saving. Special designs make move and transportation easier and more convenient.

4.3 to 5 year long warranty of Cheertran bed frames or box springs eliminates worries of using prouducts.

5.Cheertran gives great support to OEM services, very welcome to contact us to make your own designs.

How to buy a box spring and a bed frame?

Please contact us or send your inquiry to justine@cheertran.com